Mercure Debugging Tools


Will be filled automatically if you discover a resource.

The mercureAuthorization cookie will be set automatically by the server only if you discover a demo endpoint.

Required to publish, or to subscribe to private updates.
Claim structure to use:

  "mercure": {
    "subscribe": ["list of authorized targets, * for all, omit for public only"],
    "publish": ["list of authorized targets, * for all, omit to not allow to publish"]

Create a token (demo key: !UnsecureChangeMe!)


URL returning a Link rel="mercure" HTTP header to init the discovery.
Demo endpoints: any subpath of /demo.

Data to return. Supported only by demo endpoints.


One URI template per line (try the tester).

No updates pushed yet.


First line: canonical IRI.
Next lines: alternate IRIs.

One string per line.